We are inspired by performance artists – People who love to perform for others and are talented at what they do. It takes guts to put your art out there for others to critique, love, hate, and mutilate on a daily basis. We are inspired by YOU.


Band Bios started out as a single talent-buyer booking bands for a large municipality. As the years turned into a decade of reviewing band bios, it became clear that bands were struggling with their marketing initiatives.  It was heartbreaking to see bands unable to get their foot in the door because their band bios and submission letters were poorly written or unintentionally presented in a rude fashion.  We’ve sat on countless selection committees that don’t give bands a second glance due to unprofessional marketing materials that completely miss the mark when it comes to what talent buyers are looking for.   The sheer agony of watching bands lose out over simple mistakes was too much for us, so we took action and created Band Bios.


Our passion is to revolutionize how bands and performance artists market themselves through education from the viewpoint of a talent buyer.  We’ve spent countless hours in the buyer’s seat studying how the entertainment selection process works which makes our products, insights and tools  the best in the industry.  We love to make a difference in a band’s or performance artist’s career by coaching them through the process of developing their marketing pieces, electronic press kits, and stage presence, one Band Bio at a time.

It Gets Even Better

Band Bios is a 100% electronic, paper-free company. We can honestly state that we founded this company and developed the Band Bio product line without printing one sheet of paper. In fact, we don’t even own a working printer.


All of the products that Band Bios creates are only available in electronic format, which not only makes them gentle on our planet, but immediately available for your use and empowerment.


By using our tools and your electronic device, you can write, edit and post your Band Bio for the world to see, without harming the world you see.

We love helping bands find shortcuts to success and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing right, new products or services you’d like to see, or what we can improve on.