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Performer Contract Template


Performer Contract Template


This fully customizable performance agreement contract template includes over 25 clauses to suit any band’s  or musician’s needs.  The template is a download in .pdf format and can be used perpetually after your one-time purchase.  



It only takes one venue not paying your band or one no-show at your event to realize that having a formal Performance Contract Agreement for every booking is essential.  Protect your interests and save yourself valuable time with the Band Bio’s Performer Contract Template.  In a matter of minutes, you can draft a professional entertainment agreement that will eliminate payment disagreements and clearly outline the terms that all parties are responsible for.


The Band Bio Performer Contract Template is great for:

  • Any band or musician who wants the security of a contract for their bookings.
  • Anyone hiring musical talent who needs a professional agreement to formalize the terms.


This performance agreement template is designed to provide suggested information regarding the subject matter covered. However, it is sold with the understanding that Band Bios is not engaged in rendering legal, financial, or other professional advice. Laws and practices often vary from state to state and country to country and if legal or other expert assistance is required, the services of a professional should be sought. Band Bios specifically disclaims any liability that is incurred from the use or application of this performance agreement template.


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