Staring at a blank screen?

Don’t worry, everyone shoots blanks from time to time.

Not a writer?

And neither is your sister, mother, uncle, cousin, hairdresser or best friend’s neighbor.

Don’t have the time?

Who has time to write a band bio – rehearsal started 5 minutes ago.

What’s an EPK?

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Writing band biographies has been our specialty for almost a decade.  Unlike other bio writing services that try to be everything to everyone, we focus solely on bands and performance artists.  We understand the talent world and what buyers are looking for so we’re able to provide a specialized advantage that generic writing services can’t replicate.  We’ll work one-on-one through a simple 3-step process to write a Pitch-Perfect Band Bio that helps YOU stand out from the competition.


I’m Starting my Band Bio From Scratch


 If you already have a Band Bio but it hasn’t been performing well and needs some work, we can help!  Our Maintenance Option provides you with a personal writer that will review your existing band bio and re-write it using our Band Bio Process to ensure your band bio has all of the elements that talent buyers are looking for. 


My Band Bio Just Needs Some Maintenance