This product is for bands that already have a band biography in circulation, but it could use some updating.  We’ll review your Band Bio for relevancy and grammatical correctness, then ensure it contains the five crucial elements that every talent buyer is looking for.  Our simple 3 step process ensures your Band Bio will be transformed into a marketing piece that will stand out against the competition.
Step 1: E-Interview
At time of purchase, we’ll send you the Band Bio Template and you will fill in the information that will be incorporated into your revised band biography.
    • Before: Collect your existing band bio and latest band accolades.


    • During: Don’t hold back: Describe your style, experience, and who you are as a band or performer.


  • After: Return the completed template to us along with your original band biography, links to your social platforms and any other relevant material that describes your band/style.
Note: Never sell yourself short when describing your band in the Band Bio Template – this is the time to brag.
Step 2: Review & Writing
Our experienced Band Bio writers will review your completed Template, current band biography and social sites, then produce your new Band Bio. 
    • Before: E-mail your completed Band Bio Template, current band bio, and all other relevant information to us.


    • During: RELAX, we’ve got this!


  • After: Receive your NEW Band Bio via email in MS Word format. Other formats are available upon request for an additional fee.
Note: Your new Band Bio will be optimized for pitching to entertainment buyers & agents, and posting to all social platforms.  Purchase includes an Elevator Pitch, Short Bio, and Long Bio version of your Band Bio.
Step 3: Revisions/Edits
Band Bio revisions are included for 30 days following receipt of your new Band Bio at no additional cost. Band Bio revisions are completed within 24 hours.
    • Before: Review your new Band Bio and document any changes/updates.


    • During: E-mail specific changes/updates in a legible format to


  • After: Post your new Band Bio on your social platforms, upload to your EPK, and send it to your agent.
Note: By providing clear and specific revisions in a legible format, you will receive changes as quickly as possible.