Our Simple Band Biography Writing Process completely takes the pressure of writing off of you.  You will receive the invaluable benefit of experts writing a Band Biography specifically for you that contains all of the elements that talent buyers are looking for.  It all happens in 3 easy steps:

Step 1: E-Interview
At time of purchase, we’ll send you the Band Bio Template and you will fill in the information that will be incorporated into your new Band Bio.
    • Before: Collect your existing band’s information and latest band accolades.


    • During: Don’t hold back: Describe your style, experience, and who you are as a band or performer.


  • After: Return the completed template to us along with links to your social platforms and any other relevant material that describes your band/style.
Note: Never sell yourself short when describing your band – this is the time to brag.  Remember, the more information you send us the better we’ll be able to showcase your band to the world.
 Step 2: Review & Writing
Our experienced Band Bio writers will review your completed Band Bio Template, all current band info you send us, and your social sites, then produce your new Band Bio.
    • Before: E-mail completed Band Bio Template, current band bio, and all other relevant information to us.


    • During: RELAX, we’ve got this!


  • After: Receive your Pitch-Perfect Band Bio via email in MS Word format. Other formats are available upon request for an additional fee.
Note: Your new Band Bio will be optimized for pitching to entertainment buyers & agents, and posting to all social platforms.  Purchase includes an Elevator Pitch, Short Bio, and Long Bio version of your Band Bio.
 Step 3: Revisions/Edits
Band Bio revisions are included for 30 days following receipt of your new Band Bio at no additional cost. Band Bio revisions are completed within 24 hours.
    • Before: Review your new Band Bio and document any changes/updates.


    • During: E-mail specific changes/updates in a legible format to bandbiosworld@gmail.com. 


  • After: Post your new Band Bio on your social platforms, upload to your EPK, and send it to your agent.
Note: By providing clear and specific revisions in a legible format, you will receive changes as quickly as possible.

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