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If you’ve ever been uncertain about your band bio …

Like …

  • What kind of band bios are best received by talent buyers and what you should not say … or
  • How to write the best band bio possible (and never be afraid that it’s not good enough)… or
  • How it’s possible to get all of the important details about your band into one document,… or
  • How you can increase your booked gigs from the information you pitch to buyers …

Then it’s very likely that you could benefit from having a professional re-write you band bio

With the right format tailored to your artistic talents…

And with the proper Band Bio Formula focus…

To ensure your band bio is working in your favor and automatically marketing your band the best way, day in and day out.

So if any of this sounds like something you want

Be sure to check out our Band Bio Writing Services today.

Both writing services we offer at Band Bios that include customized benefits and what it takes to get started are outlined on our site.

And if you’d rather just…

Start working with our team of band bio writing experts right away, 1-on-1…

…without any kind of formal interview process or qualification or long-term commitment…

Then order your Band Bio Maintenance service or Band Bio From Scratch service now.

Because having a professionally written band bio transforms your “old band bio” into a new high-performing marketing tool for you.

So instead of watching your band’s career fade away into the entertainment void, you’ll get everything you need out of your band bio to assure your pitches and EPK are being read by talent buyers, agents and media contacts.

In fact, a new band bio can continue to generate life in your band’s booking calendar on a regular basis…

And ultimately give you the marketing edge you need so you can:

  • Be more productive with your pitches
  • Stand out from other bands on the circuit
  • Create more opportunities for yourself and your band
  • Share your success as you mentor others who want to get into the entertainment world
  • Support the people you love with your talent


So how do you get access to all this?

When you say YES to working with the Band Bios writing team …

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Once you choose a re-write of your current bio or a new band bio from scratch, you can even begin the process today.

So, if you’re interested in working with Band Bios on a more personalized level…

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