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Little risk BIG reward

We’ve ALL heard the saying “The squeaky wheel gets the grease.”

The belief in this has kept a lot of bands from getting their foot in the door. In today’s information overload, this idea is actually obsolete!

Right now, we’re seeing bands being passed over – and LOTS of them – because they don’t know how to properly market themselves!

Another old saying goes something like “No risk, no reward.”

We have never agreed with that, either. The best bands acquire marketing skills that reduce the risk of being blacklisted. This knowledge helps bands present themselves to talent buyers in an appealing way. While everything has risk, the kind of marketing we teach with the Band Bio Formula practically has very little risk.

Yet it has the potential of generating tons of bookings… even for small, solo acts just starting out.  Just make sure you are learning by following good examples.  The kind of examples you can learn from reading and using Band Bios resource guides.

In all things, there are winners and there are LEARNERS.

The better the teacher the better the student.

It’s better to take action than to do nothing. Fear is the enemy of learning. And learning is what all bands and performers need to be doing.

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