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Complete Guide to Writing a Pitch-Perfect Band Bio

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EVERYTHING you need to learn the odds your band is up against in the marketplace and how you can beat them by writing a pitch-perfect band bio. Includes FREE Band Bio Template (regularly $5.99).


When the owner of band bios first started booking bands and writing their bios for a large city’s special event office in 2009, she had no idea what she’d gotten herself into. Today, Band Bios has grown into the most popular, well-respected, and in-demand band bio writing service in the talent world, and Band Bios is the go to source for every genre of music there is.

In this much-anticipated book launch, Band Bios unlocks the secrets behind what makes a truly great band bio, and shares years’ worth of hard-won knowledge. The Complete Guide to Writing a Pitch Perfect Band Bio is a definitive resource for the garage band, with chapters dedicated to advice on pitching to talent buyers; learning how to maximize your band bios success; real examples of writing do’s and don’ts; the anatomy of a band bio; and of course, how to write a mind-blowing, ridiculously attention grabbing band bio, better than you ever thought possible.


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